Reimagining the Retail Experience for Chevrolet



Chevrolet was struggling to sell vehicles to Millennials. They knew their dealerships didn't appeal to this audience, but didn't know how to fix that.



Concept the auto dealership of the future.



I used technological, human, behavioral, and environmental tools and insights that demonstrated values Millennials would connect with. If Millennials connected with the experience, and believed Chevrolet understood their values, it would build brand loyalty and, by leveraging social sharing tendencies, perhaps even advocacy. 



The concepts I came up with to reimagine the automotive retail experience for Scratch, a creative agency within Viacom, was covered by The New York Times.



Driving Sim.jpg

fuel efficiency driving simulator

Customers could engage with an in-dealership driving simulator to see how they could drive more efficiently.

mobile tablet.jpg

in-dealership mobile tablets

Customers could use mobile tablets to interact with gamified apps that showcase Chevrolet's history, future, and its vehicles. Plus, they could request a test-drive.


chevrolet online customer profile

Customers could create an online account that would help move customers past the consideration stage and also simplify their in-dealership experience.


corvette race start demo

Customers could see a Corvette at peak performance while they're at the dealership and get them excited about the Chevrolet brand.