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Frontier conversion optimization



By February 2017, Frontier's stock had dropped to 1.8 dollars a share. A new low for their stock. They needed to drive more sales. But their most important digital asset,, wasn't cutting it. Their site needed to convert more visitors if they wanted to turn things around. So they came to us to optimize



Increase visit conversion.



Increase urgency
Segment creative to new customers
Build more value on the Frontier brand and offering
Shift brand voice to be more differentiated
Integrate compelling CTAs
Highlight special offers



The testing strategy and creative direction I helped develop drove a 54% visit conversion lift. This equaled 3x the visit conversion of the control. Also their stock price has been steadily on the rise.




Frontier mobile SEM optimization



Frontier needed to sell more double plays. That's telco-speak for a bundle with two services (i.e. Internet and TV). This would help increase LTVs and ultimately drive the stock price in the right direction.



Increase TV attach rate



Build more value on TV service
Message savings on bundle plans
Streamline the user flow
Push the brand voice and tone in a more Apple-esque direction
Elevate the Frontier brand to feel premium
Make the brand feel better than the competition


my role

For this project we tried a new process we called 'co-creation', a step-child of the Google sprint. A group of creatives and analysts worked together for a week defining the problem, interpreting data, voting on creative solutions to the problem, and creating together the wireframes of the product below. Then, each team member polished off their assigned portion. 

I functioned as one of the organizers/deciders. The decider served as a facilitator that built consensus when discord arose.  And also pushed the team's ideas in strategic directions. Basically, part creative director, part project manager.  The end result was the most collaborative work I've ever contributed to. 

I wrote the copy and refined the direction for the page layouts that you see below.



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